【Tottori · Bamboo Craftsmen】 Refresh in the hot springs after the experience! Make bamboo chopsticks

Bamboo crafting



  • Have a delicious meal with handmade chopsticks! Let's make bamboo chopsticks.

  • Scrape the bamboo with "Kanna", scrape with chatter and make chopsticks.

  • Decorate with colorful beads and finish it cute.

  • Can coat with natural oil to bring good up! - There is no doubt that attachment will be attached to handmade bamboo chopsticks!

  • The usual meal will be more pleasant.

  • After the experience, leisurely at the hot spring of curing hall of source sprinkling!

  • From the public bath with sauna, you can see the view of the lake.

Location Tottori
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Bamboo work in Tottori · Yuri hamacho!Experience of creation of talented bamboo enamel