【Yamaguchi / Hagi / Guided Tour】Let's walk through the town with the old map in hand! Horiuchi Traditional Area & Ruins of Hagi Castle

Guided tours

NPO Hagi Machiju Museum


  • Get the feel of historic sentiment through the Guided Tour around the Horiuchi Important Preservation District of Historic Buildings.

  • You can walk enjoying the cityscape of Hagi as if you were in the Hagi Open-air museum.

  • In this plan, you can visit the Kuchiba Family Residence designated an Important Cultural Property.

  • The residence where the owner came to live now has been well preserved since the Edo period. There is no other residence whose old owner lives in it.

  • Be sure to make a reservation of your visiting in advance.

  • In this case, you can choose your visiting course between “at 10 o’clock course” or “at 13 o’clock course.

Location Yamaguchi
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What you need to bring

"Easy-to-move clothes" and "Athletic shoes"

Meeting point

NPO Hagi Machiju Museum

Find the shit in the streets! Hagi is exactly the whole museum without a roof!