【Hiroshima Onomichi】Local staff suggest special cycling plan only fit for you! 2 days rental cycling with 2 lunch meals


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  • Enjoy the stunning views in Seto Inland Sea and Shimanami Kaido by 2 days rental cycling !
  • 2 days lunch meals, luggage storage service and original guide book in a set.
  • 2-minutes walk from Onomichi station to get to Onomichi port. Bring in your luggage to Onomich Port Terminal Luggage Storage Center
  • Enjoy cycling hands-free!
  • Staff suggest cycling plan perfect fit for you! Please feel free to ask the organizer company.


Please get to Onomichi Port Terminal Luggage Storage Center on the first floor of Green Hill Hotel by 10 minutes prior to the start time of the tour.
Explanation of luggage by Yamato Transport Staff
Safety briefing by Shimanami Japan Staff
※No guide during cycling.
3.Description of experience
Please enjoy cycling with the stunning views in Shimanami Kaido.
※During the cycling, 2 lunches provided
Your lunch spot will be determined from local staff’s recommended restaurant by consulting between you and the organizer company.
Please come back by 17:30.
4.Break up the tour
Break up after picking up your check-in luggage and souvenir.
After the tour, please enjoy sightseeing in Onomichi.
※Required time 31.5 hours (approx.)~
※The itinerary as shown described above is a rough standard.
Please note that the itinerary will vary due to the circumstances of the day.

It’s possible to get souvenir as below.
T-shirt: ¥3,150 per person
Sacoche: ¥750 per person

Important Information

  • ■after reservation
    The organizer company will propose a suitable original plan for you.
    After reservation, the organizer company will ask you about the plan by e-mail. Thank you for your understanding in advance.

    ■rental fee (addition)
    The insurance fee is included in the rental fee as below.
    The maximum coverage for death or Residual difficulty :3 million yen
    The maximum coverage for daily rate of hospital fees: 4,500 yen


Guide language



- rental cycling fee( 2days)

- money for lunch meal (2 days)

- original guide book

- guide map

- luggage storage fee

- service fee

- consumption tax

Not included

- tool rental fee: 1,000 yen

Required time 1439 minutes ~
Cancellation Policy

(1) Cancellation made eight (8) days prior to the scheduled date of activities or earlier: No cancellation charge

(2) Cancellation made between seven (7) to four (4) days prior to the scheduled date of activities: 50% of the Participation Charges

(3) Cancellation made between three (3) days prior to the scheduled date to the scheduled date: 100% of the Participation Charges

What you need to bring

- athletic shoes, comfortable clothing, sunblock cream, smartphone, cellphone.

Participation Condition

10-80 years old
Every participant under 16 years old is required to be accompanied by a parent or guardian or agreement from them.
・Height over 120 cm
・Weight from 30kg to 100kg
・For safety, people who meet any of the following conditions cannot participate in the tour.
There might be possibility that you have to submit a medical certificate due to health condition or age.
Anyone who has high blood pressure, hurt disease, backbone or neck, epilepsy trouble, hyperpnea, is after drinking alcohol, has the symptom that might be getting worse due to participation, is pregnant or might be pregnant,is judged that you cannot secure your safety by the organizer company on the date of the tour.

Holding condition

In case of cancellation of the event due to various reasons, the organizer company will contact you prior to by the day.


  • 【Hiroshima Onomichi】Local staff suggest special cycling plan only fit for you! 2 days rental cycling with 2 lunch meals

    Required time

    1439 minutes ~

    Qualifying age

    10~80 years old

    from ¥ 10,500


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