Sake Bottling Experience

Sake tasting

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  • Learn about the tradition and history of Japanese sake.
  • Create and bring home a personal bottle of sake.
  • Enjoy a sake tasting and pairing coordinated by a sake expert.


An experienced translator and guide familiar with the local Tajima area will accompany you on your visit to a sake brewery. Japanese sake was crafted by the handmade skills and intuition of toji (sake craftsmen), but presently it is manufactured in factories due to the ease of quality control. In the year 2000 there were around 2000 sake breweries throughout Japan, but every year around 40 breweries close down. The 4000 toji that were around in the 1960’s has also gone down to a mere 1000 today. In this tour guests will experience rich history by visiting a rare and valuable sake brewery that has been around for over 250 years. In the brewery visitors will learn about the true taste and wonders of Japanese sake, and enjoy a pairing with various hors d'oeuvres recommended by a toji. Guests will also decorate and bring home a personal bottle made from high tech material used by space engineers which preserves the quality and freshness of sake. Depending on the season and time that you open the bottle you can experience the change in taste. The bottle can be continued to use semi-permanently, so after you finish drinking the sake you can reuse the bottle and fill it with the drink of your choice.

Important Information

  • Minimum number of participants:4 people


Guide language

English, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional)


- Fee for the tour

- translator

- sake tasting

- sake bottle making fee with sake

- round trip transportation

- hors d'oeuvres

- souvenir and consumption tax

Not included

- Accident insurance

Required time 320 minutes ~
Cancellation Policy

(1) Cancellation made eight (8) days prior to the scheduled date of activities or earlier: No cancellation charge

(2) Cancellation made between seven (7) to four (4) days prior to the scheduled date of activities: 50% of the Participation Charges

(3) Cancellation made between three (3) days prior to the scheduled date to the scheduled date: 100% of the Participation Charges

What you need to bring

- Please wear clothes you can easily move around in.


  • Sake Bottling Experience

    Required time

    320 minutes ~

    Qualifying age


    from ¥ 23,000


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