【Kagoshima・Snorkelling】Snorkelling at Kagoshima! Beginners welcome!


Aquatrip Diving




  • Beginners welcome! Snorkelling at Kagoshima.
  • The sea of Kagoshima is famous for its colorful tropical fish. The water here is crystal clear. Come take a look at the coral reef and clownfish under the sea. Our wetsuits provide high buoyancy so non-swimmer can also participate without worries.
  • Attractive lecture! You can snorkel safely.
  • The experienced instructor will guide everyone with care. Beginners can enjoy it with an easy mind. Our event has no age limit. We welcome all the guests. The hot springs after the experience are also very attractive. It's a recommended activity for you to leave an unforgettable memory with the family.


・7:50 Meet up at the shop
The shuttle service is provided in Kagoshima City.
・8:00 Depart from the city
(↑The pick-up time is according to number of participants.)
・9:10 Arrive at Kaseda
Buy food and beverages.
・9:40 Arrive at spot
Suit up and have a safety instruction on land.
・10:30 Diving Experience
(or snorkelling) After a brief introduction, we'll stay at the shallows to adapt to water breathing. Finally, start to take a walk under the sea.
・12:00 Lunchtime / Breaktime
Enjoy a wonderful meal with friends and beautiful seascape.
・13:00 Snorkelling Experience
(or diving) After lunch, experience the fun of the sea such as snorkelling.
・14:20 Ready to leave
Pack up.
・14:50 Set out
・15:30 Arrive at the hot springs
The hot springs spot is according to the plan.
・16:20 Depart from hot springs
・17:00~18:00 Arrive at the shop
Dismiss or take the shuttle bus service (only in Kagoshima City).

Important Information

  • ■People who wear glasses please inform us beforehand. We'll prepare masks for myopia.
    ■People with contact lenses don't need to remove them.
    ■For safety resons, please understand that patients, people with sleep deprivation, under influence or who take medicine may be declined to join in the event. (Antacid and motion sickness pills are no problem.)
    ■Please noted that no refund will be made if you cannot dive on the day due to personal reasons (such as poor health).
    ■If diving is canceled on the day due to poor weather or other reasons, you’ll be offered a refund according to the number of units that did not dive.


Guide language

English, Japanese


- Experience fee

- Consumption fee

- Rental in the event

- Guide fee

- Insurance

- Rental expenses for equipments

Required time 540 minutes ~
Cancellation Policy

(1) Cancellation made eight (8) days prior to the scheduled date of activities or earlier: No cancellation charge

(2) Cancellation made between seven (7) to four (4) days prior to the scheduled date of activities: 50% of the Participation Charges

(3) Cancellation made between three (3) days prior to the scheduled date to the scheduled date: 100% of the Participation Charges

What you need to bring

- ■Personal use is recommended for the hot springs. ■Please prepare a bath towel and a normal one. ■People who get motion sickness easily are suggested to take motion sickness pills.

Participation Condition

Above 6 years old
If there's any health problems, please note it when filling out the form. The company will respond to you.

Holding condition

For any reason the weather and sea conditions have changed will cause the tour to be canceled.
Please noted that no refunds will be made for transportation fees, accommodation fees, and any other costs beyond this activity.
If the tour is canceled due to circumstances, the company will inform you a day before the event.


  • 【Kagoshima・Snorkelling】Snorkelling at Kagoshima! Beginners welcome!

    Required time

    540 minutes ~

    Qualifying age


    from ¥ 8,800


Meeting point


Aquatrip Diving is a snorkelling tour by boat. What if the sailing is cancelled due to poor weather?
When the sailing is cancelled due to poor weather, and the event is carried out on the beach, the fee will be 1000 yen less per person. Moreover, if the event is held at Sakurajima, there will be a discount of 1000 yen less than the original price. However, the ferry fee would be paid by guests.

Shop Information

Shop Name

Aquatrip Diving


Snorkelling at Kagoshima! A wonderful experience for everyone. Experience the charm of Sakurajima or Kagoshima. The plan is designed for beginners to veterans, which is leaded by experienced staff. Let's have a safety first diving!