[Tokyo・Hino City・Samurai Experience] Let's become the last samurai in the Shinsengumi hometown "Hino"! (3-hour course)

Ninja and samurai experience




  • Changing into Haori and Hakama, which are the corps clothes of the Last Samurai Shinsengumi, and visit the Hinojuku Honjin, where triggered the formation of Shinsengumi.
  • You can also take photos with the imitation sword (* Imitation sword cannot be swing around)
  • It is a valuable experience to wear clothing such as hakama and haori for Shinsengumi members.
  • Use a smartphone or tablet to watch the explanation video of each room (* The video is multilingual and free Wi-Fi in the area)
  • The experience venue "Hinojuku Honjin" is the only existing Honjin building in Tokyo.
  • "Hinojuku Honjin" is over 150 years old, was once an inn for daimyo, start from the large central pillar it is full of charm of Japanese architecture.
  • In the Japanese garden, you can enjoy seasonal flowers.
  • It is located on the Edo period street "Koshu Dochu (currently Koshu street)", and nearby there are many places related to Shinsengumi.
  • The souvenir shop at the tourist information center has a wide selection of Shinsengumi goods.


① Meeting/reception
Please gather at JR Chuo Line Hino Station 10 min before the start time, and complete the reception.
② Explanation
Along the way, we will guide you about the Shinsengumi while stopping by the place related to Shinsengumi.
At the experience place, we will explain the precautions and the flow of the experience.
③ About the experience
・ Change into Shinsengumi clothing at "Hinojuku Honjin"
・ Going around at "Hinojuku Honjin" freely in Shinsengumi clothing and enjoy the Japanese garden.
・ We will guide you to the "Tourist Information Center Souvenir Shop" where you can find Shinsengumi goods. You can also buy Shinsengumi Asagi Haori and Happi.
④ Disband
Change clothes at Hinojuku Honjin and souvenirs will be given. The experience ends.

* The above is a rough flow.
Please note that the flow may change depending on the situation on the day.

Important Information

  • There is no children's clothing (a happi coat can be rented), and it may be difficult for people with sizes of 3L or over to wear clothing, so please fill in the column when applying. The host will reply.
    Since Hinojuku Honjin is a building built in the Edo period, please note it is not barrier-free due to the large gap.


Guide language

English, Japanese


- Experience fee

- Consumption tax

- Insurance fee

- Guide fee

- Rental item fee (haori, hakama, yukata, obi, sandals, large and small imitation swords),

- Dressing fee

- Hinojuku Honjin admission fee

Not included

- Other spends

Required time 150 ~ 180 minutes
Cancellation Policy

(1) Cancellation made eight (8) days prior to the scheduled date of activities or earlier: No cancellation charge

(2) Cancellation made between seven (7) to four (4) days prior to the scheduled date of activities: 50% of the Participation Charges

(3) Cancellation made between three (3) days prior to the scheduled date to the scheduled date: 100% of the Participation Charges

What you need to bring

- For the dressing, please wear a tank top (or T-shirt) and females can wear leggings. We will put on a yukata from above.

Participation Condition

13 years old~
Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a guardian.
You need to be over 130 cm or under 190 cm.

Holding condition

Be held on rainy weather.
If it is judged to be canceled due to circumstances, the host will contact you on the day.


  • [Tokyo・Hino City・Samurai Experience] Let's become the last samurai in the Shinsengumi hometown "Hino"! (3-hour course)

    Required time

    150 ~ 180 minutes

    Qualifying age


    from ¥ 17,900


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